Hello Yellow!

Hello Yellow!

Posted by Claire & Louise on 16th May 2017

The vibrant yellow pieces in store are making us feel super sunny, (even if the real thing is not currently playing ball, grrr). Pick a piece and let it effortlessly slide into your existing wardrobe, just like we have..

About town

Totnes in south Devon is up there when it comes to an eclectic assortment of shops. With around 80% of the shops independently owned, there’s a whole lot of everything for everyone.

I make a beeline for Drift records at the very top of the town. It’s super friendly with cool vibes AND they sell coffee. For plants, (and I have a whole lot of ‘em), it’s Dutch Quality Flowers. Rainforest sounds on a loop and the tropical warm, rainforest feel makes it the calmest place to be in town. There are many, many top shops and attractions to visit in Totnes - it’s a pretty special place. For town, I’m always in Superga, my faves are the grey metallic with black soles and the black leather, (waterproof and perfect for Devon)…

(Yellow mirrored Sunglasses, ICHI golden Jakari T-ShirtICHI Rosa dungareeSuperga black leather)


Forget sunbathing and catching up with a good book – My beach trips generally involve heaving mountains of kit from a dirt track car pack, or scaling a cliff like a pack-goat trying to find that ‘perfect’ spot… With 2 boys in tow and an ‘active’ (read - won’t settle) husband, our family beach trips on the beautiful south Devon coast are far from relaxing but are fun-filled and involve a whole lot of water action, (winter wetsuit included). This summer I’ll be wearing this sunshine yellow easy sundress and transporting everything in our ICHI massive cotton bag.

(ICHI Utta Dress, Grey sunglasses, ICHI Silja bagSuperga white leatherRachael Foster surf printSeaguides Chapel Porth beachEmily Faulstich chocolate chip ice-cream

Lounge lizard

I love it that lounge wear now looks so good - it’s no problemo should the neighbour call over for some last minute desperately needed ingredients. As well as for chilling at home, I wear our printed trousers and sweatshirts for the morning school run, for biking, (I’m not a serious cyclist, so don’t have all the professional gear), and will also have them in my beach bag, ready for when it gets chilly.

(ICHI X Macia sweatshirtICHI Lisa joggerSuperga Gold, Kisses & Creations Ylang Ylang candle, Smoothie by Mónica Figueras)