Behind The Label: Paisie

Behind The Label: Paisie

Posted by Claire & Louise on 21st Mar 2017

Paisie has been a favourite label of ours since we first started stocking the brand in 2015. We admire the choice of fabrics, unusual but wearable shapes and the great price points. We've got a strong Paisie following at Colony now and every season Kate and Vicky produce pieces that we can't wait to get in store and available! In celebration of the arrival of Paisie SS 17 we caught up with the Paisie founders and designers Kate Yiu and Vicky Ng.

'The road trip to the French Riviera'

Spring Summer 2017 takes Paisie on an impromptu road trip to the French Riviera in an open-top classic Peugeot with a car boot full of Champagne. Nautical styles are the focus of the season, with Breton tops, powder blue maxis and lightweight whites paired with floaty wide trousers and culottes for relaxing strolls through town. Relaxed, optimistic and with a touch of Gallic romance and sultriness, Paisie’s Spring Summer 2017 collection is tribute to understated elegance.

Describe the Paisie lady. Who and what inspires you whilst designing?
The Paisie lady that inspires us is a chic stylish woman, she lives life to its fullest, she is confident in everything she does and she loves to travel.

What are the three main details you consider when designing?
1. Comfort - We love fabrics that are soft and smooth to the touch
2. Easy to mix & match - So you can create many different outfit combinations with just a few staple pieces
3. Effortlessly stylish - Our clothing must be easy to wear, flattering, sophisticated, fabulous and casual all at the same time

What is your staple or favourite Paisie look?
Our ribbed jumper, jeans and a pair of cool trainers.

What are your three essentials for a working day?
1. A ribbed jumper - the weather is so unpredictable right now!
2. A diary - we love being organised
3. Goji berry tea - a few goji berries in hot water

What are you looking forward to this year?
We're looking forward to seeing more ladies in Paisie!

Have you got any special projects or pieces in the pipeline that you can tell us about?
We are currently working on a cocktail collection...

Paisie SS 17 is now available in store and online - shop now